Hello and welcome to my business !

This business is devoted to anything aviation and technology.

Andrew is a trained electronics engineer who shares a passion for Aviation and Electronics.

Andrew attended Toowoomba Grammar School and also participated in the Army Cadets, Hockey and Gymnastics.

Andrew gained his tertiary qualifications at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba.

Andrew has worked for Cranford Publications ( Aviation Manuals and Newsletters ) , Dick Smith Electronics, Telstra and Airservices Australia.

Andrew is interested in position reporting technolgies such as RADAR APRS ADS-B AIS FLARM

Andrew has worked on DME, ILS, GBAS, VHF, UHF, FIS, Digital Links, RADAR (PSR), RADAR (SSR), VOR, NDB, ADS-B, Satellite Links, Software Defined Radio.  

 Andrew has flown fixed wing, rotary, gliders, UAV quad copters and remote control planes.

Andrew holds Amateur Radio ( Advanced ), Aircraft Radio Operators , UAV ( RePL ) licences 

Andrew's Father Rob Rich is a key player in the Rotary Aviation Sector in Australia. Being an Army Pilot and a Rescue Pilot. Rob has been instrumental in the establishment of Rotortech ( A rotary wing convention held in Australia ) and also the Avalon Airshow UAV section ( held in Melbourne Australia ) each year.

Andrew's grandfather and great uncle both flew Lancaster Bomber Aircraft in WWII ( Rob "Dr" was tragically lost over holland ) .   

Andrew Rich 

e vk4tec@tech-software.net *

m 0419 738 223

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